Total "Comforts From Home" Shipped

114,235 Pounds

Mothers of Military Servicemembers
is an all-volunteer, non-profit charitable organization which exists to support the men and women serving in our United States Armed Services.

M.O.M.S. faithfully remain non-political as a group and in our group representation.

Our mission is to provide Comforts from Home for those serving abroad as well as moral support and camaraderie to their families.

With the love, generosity and support of Sonoma County and others from the North Bay, we have mailed 114,235 pounds of Comforts from Home care package goodies to our deployed Troops.

Over the past 11 years, M.O.M.S. has collected, packaged, and mailed Comforts from Home to Sonoma County military servicemembers stationed in Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan, Albania, Korea, Syria, Bahrain, Japan and Okinawa.

2006 Recipient "Volunteer of the Year" Award

Community Service Project

Volunteer Center of Sonoma County

2006 Recipient "Spirit of the Red Cross" Award
Real Heroes Award

American Red Cross, Sonoma County