Suggested Snack Food and Miscellaneous Items
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Canned Items with pop-top lids
Canned fruit
Chicken and/or tuna (pouches are best)
Peanut Butter / Jelly in squeeze tubes


Cajun seasoning
Garlic salt, spices
Honey packs
Hot sauce
Mustard, Mayo
Relish, Catsup
Salad dressings
Salsa (don’t forget the taco chips)
Salt / pepper, sugar packets

Ground Coffee
/ Tea / Hot Chocolate
Coffee creamer
Hot chocolate mixes
Instant coffee
Tea bags

Microwavable Foods

Mac & Cheese
Brownie mix
Various mini dinners
Instant oatmeal
Instant soups / soups in pop-top containers

Powdered Drink Mix Singles

Crystal Light
Juice boxes
Propel, etc.

Snack Foods

Beef Jerky / beef sticks, summer sausage
Cheese spreads / small Velveeta cheese blocks
Dry Cereal
Chex Mix
Crackers for snacking
Dried fruit
Energy bars / Cereal bars / Protein bars /
Granola bars
Fruit pies & other snack cakes
Gum, Hard Candy wrapped (no chocolate in
Nuts & Seeds (all kinds)
Pudding cups


Advil, Tylenol, Cold / Cough drops, Sinus meds
Antibiotic Cream (Neosporin)
Anti-Bacterial Wipes
Baby Oil, Baby Powder
Baby Wipes
Bath mat
Bath / hand / face towels (dark colors)
Blankets for cooler weather
Body wash / soap (be sure to triple pack the
soap & do not put it near food as it leaves the
smell of soap on the food)
Clothes Pins / Line
Contact Lens Cleaner
Cotton Balls
Dental Floss
Disposable hand and feet warmers
Dusting cloths (for removing the sand from
everything and every surface)
Eye Drops
Eyeglass Kit
Foot Inserts for boots
Foot / Boot Powder
Insect Repellent Wipes with Deet (need in spring/summer)
Laundry Soap / Fabric Softener
Air Freshener
Lotion for body and hands
Mattress toppers

Nasal Spray / Drops
Packaged Wet Ones / Baby Wipes
Pepto Bismol
Pillow with pillowcase
Pocket Size First-Aid Kit
Pumice stones for feet
Toenail / Fingernail Clippers
Toilet Paper
Tooth Paste / Tooth Brush
Tooth Picks
Twin Fitted dark sheets
Vitamins, Vitamin C Drops
Men: Razors, Shaving cream in a tube, After-Shave lotion (no fragrance)
Women: Panty Liners, feminine hygiene products, conditioner, brush / comb, hair clips / bands, non aerosol hair spray, hair gel

Suggested Clothing

Hats, Bandanas, Socks white for PT; black for
everyday wear with uniform (no logos on socks)
Men: T-shirts and underwear (all sizes)
BROWN or GREEN colors for the T-SHIRT if
possible. Proper issued military t-shirts can also
be acquired at Army Surplus stores.
Women: Sport bras and panties (all sizes)

Suggested Fun Time Materials

Soccer balls, baseballs, basketballs, volley
ball sets, footballs, nerf balls
Batteries: AA / C / D / 9 volt
Beanie Babies or stuffed animals (new please)
Board Games
Playing Cards
CD Player with CDs (include batteries)
Dart Board with darts
Disposable cameras
DVDs (you can tape from television too)
Electronic hand-held games (include batteries)
Greeting Cards (variety)
Mailing Envelopes (no stamps)
Stationery & pens
Magazines & books (all kinds)
Mini Hand-held Fan or Water Misty fan
Poker Sets
Plastic bowls, spoons, forks, knives
PlayStation with games
Puzzle Books / Word Find Books
Sewing Kits
Small flash light for reading at night
Water guns
X-Box with games
Zip Lock Bags & Plastic lock containers for
sealing leftovers and personal items
What cannot be sent: Pork products, alcohol, pornographic materials, or aerosol cans (they may explode). Do not send products in glass containers. Package all food items that may leak in zip-lock bags. Put all liquid items in zip-lock bags. Due to the extreme heat, chocolate is not mailed during the summer months.

the USPS at to learn more about APO / FPO mailings and view sizes of postal boxes available. Call 1-800-222-1811 to order free shipping supplies. Visit the Military Postal Service Agency to learn even more Military Addressing Tips.